METISS Cable System Is Commissioned and In-Service

Optical Fiber: Emtel Announces The Commissioning Of The METISS Submarine Cable

METISS connects Mauritius, Reunion Island, Madagascar and South Africa by optical fiber, and has been operational since March 8, 2021.By Le Mauricien
March 22, 2021

The METISS submarine cable (MEltingpoT Indianoceanic Submarine System), which connects Mauritius, Reunion Island, Madagascar and South Africa by optical fiber, has been operational since March 8, 2021. Emtel, founding member of the consortium of six regional operators in finance its construction, indicates that the cable is laid in its Data Center at Arsenal, the only one to host it in Mauritius, and that all the tests have been completed.

“Despite the difficulties associated with the Covid-19 pandemic, the cable has been successfully installed in the four territories. This required a high level of coordination and regional cooperation, and we are proud to make a product of the most advanced technology available to our country. With METISS, we continue to ride the wave of innovation and keep our promise to offer Mauritians products that bring them more freedom and satisfaction, while changing their lives. This submarine cable provides the long-awaited alternative and capacity so that the country remains always connected to the world, ”says Kresh Goomany, CEO of Emtel.

With a capacity of 24 terabits, METISS, some 3,200 kilometers long, will increase bandwidth in these countries and provide connectivity in the Indian Ocean for the next 25 years. It is the most advanced submarine cable in this area, featuring cutting edge technology. It was placed in the seabed of Le Goulet on its arrival in Mauritius on June 20 by the cable ship Teliri. The work to connect it to the land section was then successfully completed on March 1.

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