FB Submarine Partners, LLC Announces New Subsea Cable Between Florida and Cancun, Mexico

FB Submarine Partners, LLC Announces New Subsea Cable Between Florida and Cancun, Mexico | Business Wire

The new cable Gig-Net1 will connect Florida and Cancun, will be 1,200 long, and is expected to be completed in 2022.By Business Wire
February 24, 2021

CHICAGO – FB Submarine Partners, LLC, a privately owned developer of international telecommunications projects announced today a 1,200 kilometers advanced subsea fiber optic cable system from Florida to Cancun, Mexico. The GigNet-1 subsea cable system has been in development for the past two years and is expected to be completed in 2022. The Company believes this will be the first new subsea cable from Florida to the Yucatan Peninsula in over 20 years specifically designed to meet the rapidly growing demand for secure, high speed bandwidth for Internet, video streaming, social media, and cloud services.

Development to date has included completion of the desktop route survey, regulatory and permitting feasibility studies for each of Florida and Mexico, market demand and analysis studies, and selection and contracting of key suppliers for the system design, equipment, and installation. A marine route survey will begin in March.

Michael J. Mahoney, CTO, announced that after thorough service provider evaluations, the Company has selected Xtera, an industry leader in subsea network deployments, to serve as the primary EPC contractor for the project. Xtera will provide the subsea plant “wetplant” consisting of the fiber and amplifiers (repeaters), the submarine line terminals in Florida and Mexico, and manage the installation. IT International Telecom, leading experts in subsea cable systems, has already provided the desktop route survey and provide the marine route survey. In cooperation with Xtera, IT International Telecom will install the GigNet-1 cable system. “I truly believe we have assembled an incredible team of experts and partners that will result in the deployment of this cable system on time and on budget. The economic impact of this new subsea cable to the economic development of Quintana Roo and Yucatan will be extraordinary,” said Mr. Mahoney.

In Mexico, the Company will partner with GigNet, Inc. and its wholly-owned operating subsidiary GigNet S.A. de C.V. for access to the beach in Cancun and colocation in GigNet’s Cancun cable landing station. GigNet operates an advanced fiber optic network in the Riviera Maya region serving the hospitality, enterprise and planned development segments, will serve as a major tenant on the subsea cable system, and will provide IP transit and private line connectivity with GigNet-1 throughout the region.

The Mexican Caribbean, encompassing Cancun, Playa del Carmen and Tulum is one of the largest and most popular international tourism destinations in the world, with over 20 million annual visitors (www.GigNetInc.com and www.GigNet.mx).

About Xtera

Xtera is an innovative provider of subsea and telecoms technology. The company supplies both repeatered and unrepeatered systems, using its high-performance optical amplifiers to deliver traffic directly inland to cities and offering flexibility in working with industry partners to provide the optimum solution. Xtera has considerable expertise in the Caribbean region (www.xtera.com).

About IT International Telecom

International Telecom is a marine network installer offering desktop study, marine route survey, engineering design, installation and maintenance services for submarine cable systems worldwide. For over 20 years IT has been recognized as one of the worlds’ finest marine system providers in a unique position to collaborate with customers and their technology partners. IT has extensive experience in the Caribbean region (www. https://www.ittelecom.com/en/company/profile).

About GigNet

GigNet is the Mexican Caribbean brand of GigNet, Inc., a U.S. based international Digital Infrastructure company. Through its Mexico operating subsidiaries, GigNet, S.A. de C.V., and Sanalto Redes Peninsular, S.A.P.I. de C.V., the Company is a fully licensed telecommunications provider in Mexico. GigNet is actively adding customers to its extensive regional fiber-optic network in the Mexican Caribbean, one of the largest and fastest growing tourism destinations in the world, with over 20 million annual visitors. GigNet is a leader in the digital transformation of the region.