Norwegian Subsea Cable Plans Receive Funding Approval from EFTA

Norwegian communications regulator Nkom said the EFTA Surveillance Authority (ESA) approved subsidies new submarine cable capacity.By Telecompaper
September 24, 2019

Norwegian communications regulator Nkom said after the EFTA Surveillance Authority (ESA) has approved public subsidies for the creation of new international submarine cable capacity. The new underwater fibre is intended to reduce vulnerabilities in communications with foreign countries. Currently, most traffic to and from Norway travels via Sweden and Copenhagen.

The government has set aside NOK 100 million in funding to improve international communications, said the watchdog. The Ministry of Municipal Affairs and Modernisation said the funding is to establish open and non-discriminatory wholesale access to alternative submarine fibre capacity to other countries for a period of at least seven years. The funds will cover documented extra costs arising from reserving fibre capacity for this express purpose and on certain terms.

Data traffic providers can apply for funding to expand capacity and the ministry has asked Nkom to announce a tender as soon as possible. Nkom said it expects to do so in October.

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