By 4-traders
May 24, 2017

Tokyo, Japan – The internet connects people and things around the world. Optical cables placed along the ocean floor provide more than 99 percent of international communications.

Together with NTT group companies, NTT Communications has recently outfitted the new submarine cable-laying vessel, Kizuna, to strengthen its underwater cable-laying and maintenance capabilities.

The Kizuna prides itself with the capability to enable easy maneuvering and stable fixed point positioning in the ocean using DPS (dynamic positioning system).

Its advanced design comprises two azimuth propellers, and an electric propulsion system, to allow lateral movement and the capability to turn in a small radius.

Remotely Operated Vehicle (ROV) equipped with a jet cable laying system and with a maximum operating depth of 2,500m allows rapid laying and maintenance of undersea cables.

The capabilities of the cable-laying vessel gained attention as it can perform different tasks on the ocean, particularly when the unprecedented earthquake struck Japan in March 2011.

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