OMS Group Commissions Makai Software Across Their Installation and Repair Fleet

OMS Group commissions Makai Software for five vessels, improving real-time management in cable installation and repair in deep-water areas.OMS Group Press Release
August 24, 2023

Makai Ocean Engineering Inc. has commissioned Makai Software aboard five of OMS Group’s cable installation and repair vessels. These vessels include:

  • CS Cable Vigilance
  • CS Île de Ré
  • CS Lodbrog
  • CS Teneo
  • Peter Faber

“It’s been remarkable to watch OMS Group expand their cable ship fleet in recent years to support the present and future needs of their customers. We’re truly honored to support them through this growth,” said Dr. Venkata Jasti, Director of Engineering Software at Makai.

“OMS Group has been expanding our cable installation and repair capabilities by expanding our fleet as well as taking on increasingly challenging operations.” said Ronnie Lim, Group CEO of OMS Group. “Makai software plays an integral part in real-time operation management on our vessels.” he added.

OMG Group is now utilizing Makai’s software on all its cable installation and repair operations. Leveraging different functionalities such as advanced modeling, real-time control, and data logging, allows for more precise control throughout the cable installation and repair process, especially in deep-water areas.

MakaiLay is an advanced subsea cable installation software that enables users to lay submarine cables with the highest level of accuracy, speed, safety, and reliability possible today, dramatically reducing the risk of cable failures. The software has been rigorously tested and validated and is now used by over 90% of the global fleet of cable ships on countless commercial lays and military installations to successfully install well over 600,000 km of fiber optic cable worldwide.

Makai Ocean Engineering Inc. is the world’s leading provider of submarine cable planning and installation software. Established in 1973 in Hawaii, Makai has been developing submarine cable installation software since 1983 and has been pushing the boundaries of the state-of-the-art ever since.

OMS Group is a global, neutral, and integrated telecommunications infrastructure company with a wide range of services covering Submarine Cable Laying and Marine Maintenance; Hyperscale Data Centre Engineering, Procurement, Maintenance and Construction (EPC) & Cable Laying Station (CLS) and Network Backhaul. Our capabilities in submarine fibre-optic cable systems include installation and repair of deep and shallow water subsea fiber-optic cable systems, permitting in principle acquisitions, project management, direct shore ends, engineering, and subsea surveys.


For more information, contact:
Hermann Kugeler
Vice President of Business Development
Makai Ocean Engineering, Inc.
+1 (808) 259-8871
[email protected]  

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