Quinault Nation Positioned to Join the Technology Industry

A federally recognized sovereign tribal nation, the Quinault Nation is progressively pursuing major organizations involved in the pipes and platforms of information and communication technologies.Quinault Nation Press Release
April 9, 2019

New Orleans, Louisiana – SubOpti c2019 is the premier submarine telecoms conference that engages the global communications industry and provides attendees with a four-day platform to focus on planning, networking, and creating new opportunities. The Quinault Nation recently participated in the 2019 Pacific Telecommunications Council, where Vice President Tyson Johnston published a press release on behalf of President Fawn Sharp, and the Quinault Business Committee announcing that Quinault Nation is open for business and plans on building a Cable Landing Nexus on the Washington State coast.

A federally recognized sovereign tribal nation, the Quinault Nation is progressively pursuing major organizations involved in the pipes and platforms of information and communication technologies. “We are excited to explore how our government, lands, and business enterprises can contribute to the success of this essential and exciting technological sector in ways that will increase the prosperity, security, and quality of life of the Quinault people,” says President Sharp.

High-speed Internet access is an essential tool for community economic development, emergency services, quality education programs, telemedicine, and equitable opportunities to rural areas. Critical infrastructure is key to increasing socioeconomic development, thriving trade corridors, and making the Pacific Rim’s capacity scalable. The demand for secure Internet traffic between the United States and the Asia-Pacific region is quickly growing—at an annual rate of over 50%, and the growth is anticipated to continue in the future. With existing landing site locations in California and Oregon near or at capacity, and the challenges with permitting due to environmental regulations and cable congestion, the opportunity to build landing stations on the Washington State coast is attractive and necessary.

The Quinault Indian Nation directly governs 23 miles of Pacific Ocean coastline, and proposes that this coastline is considered as an ideal landing site for this critical infrastructure. Placed with-in this corridor is multiple designated opportunity zones. The Quinault Nation is a unique partner for this industry, because of its suitable property locations, minority business enterprise status, and sovereign governmental authority that allows access for direct routing and expedited permitting.

The Nation has performed its due diligence by completing a feasibility study. In partnership with its strategic consultant, Joel Ogren of ACA International, Quinault Nation recently created a Go-to-Market strategy, and is in the process of preparing a Project Development Plan. Through consultation, and newly formed alliances with the State of Washington Department of Commerce, Westin Building Exchange, and others tied to the Cascadia Pacific Alliance, work thus far has revealed that Quinault Nation’s partnership with this industry should mitigate many challenges that other entities would experience.

President, Fawn Sharp closed her letter of invitation to the delegates and sponsors of PTC’19 by saying, “As President of the Quinault Indian Nation, I am committed to ensuring we will give full and timely consideration to all landing requests. Please know that the Quinault Indian Nation will work in partnership with you, as an undersea cable operator, to ensure the success of your project once approved.”


Please contact Jon Sutherland, Director of Technology, for additional information. email: [email protected]