Retelit Press Release

December 12, 2017

Milan, Italy – Retelit S.p.A. announces the signing today of a commercial agreement with an Asian leading international telecommunications player, for the sale over 20 years of 1.1 Tbps of capacity on the fiber optic submarine cable (AAE-1), the system that connects Europe to Asia, through Bari.

With a capacity of 40 Terabit per second and 100 Gbps technology, the AAE-1 is the world’s fastest cable system and the first to offer the lowest level of point-to-point latency through an “express route” between Egypt and Thailand.

The agreement in addition permits Retelit to use a wide range of services made available by Asian players at competitive prices to complete its range of international services for the Italian market and to pursue its network and points of presence expansion strategy, starting with two of the main Asian market hubs (Singapore and Hong Kong).

The partnership finally establishes that the Asian operator can use Retelit’s backhaul services to connect the capacity acquired on the AAE-1 system from Bari to the main “Internet Exchanges” and suppliers of Italian and European content, thereby satisfying the increasing internet traffic demand on its own market.

Federico Protto, CEO of Retelit, stated: “We are certainly satisfied with this partnership which confirms the strength of the strategic choices made and the AAE-1 submarine cable investment. This operation in fact lays the foundation for accelerating the return on the investment made in this infrastructure and at the same time allows up to open up more to the quickly expanding Asian market. Italy, also thanks to its geographic location, is once again becoming strategic for the TLC sector, particularly for the transport of communication traffic in the Mediterranean to and from Asia. Retelit, thanks to the AAE-1 cable, the Bari Landing Station and the

Backhaul infrastructure to Europe, can clearly play a very central role”.


Retelit Group

Retelit is a major Italian provider of data and infrastructure services to the telecommunications market and has been listed on the Milan Stock Exchange since 2000, joining the STAR segment on September 26, 2016. The company’s fiber optic infrastructure at September 30, 2017 covers approx. 10,000 kilometers (equivalent to approx. 222,000 KM of fiber-optic cables, of which 66,000 located in MAN), connecting 9 Urban Networks and 15 Data Centers across Italy. With approx. 3,363 On-Net sites, of which 2,203 customer sites, 658 telecommunication towers, 447 cabinets, 40 Third Party Data Centers and 15 Proprietary Data Centers, the Retelit network also extends beyond Italy: thanks to the partnership with BICS it has access to the largest European PoP’s, including Frankfurt, London, Amsterdam and Paris. Retelit is a member of AAE-1 (Africa-Asia-Europe-1), the submarine cable system connecting Europe to Asia through the Middle East, reaching 19 Countries, from Marseille to Hong Kong, owning a landing station in Bari. These valuable assets make Retelit a perfect technological partner for TLC and ICT operators and businesses, providing on demand a complete range of high-quality, reliable and safe solutions. Services range from ultra-broadband fiber optic internet connection to the

Cloud and network and VPN services to colocation solutions, with approx. 10,400 square meters of equipped and secure fiber optic connected spaces, for the outsourcing of Data Center services and the satisfaction of disaster recovery and business continuity needs. Retelit’s Carrier Ethernet services are in addition Metro Ethernet Forum (MEF) certified.


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