Japan Guam Australia Cable’s Sunshine Coast Branch Connects To Legion Telecom's Fibre Network

To deliver high speed connectivity to Queensland

The milestone agreement connects JGA's local optic-fibre network directly with the Sunshine Coast International Broadband Network.

RTI Press Release
March 9, 2021

Singapore and Brisbane, Australia LEGION TELECOM, together with RTI Connectivity Pte. Ltd. (RTI), today announced achievement of a major milestone connecting their local optic-fibre network directly with the $35 million Sunshine Coast International Broadband Network (SCIBN), establishing additional infrastructure within the Sunshine Coast Council’s Cable Landing Station adjacent to the new Maroochydore CBD.

“We have committed to a 15 year agreement with RTI, enabling residents and businesses across the Sunshine Coast to use the International cable, effective immediately” says Richard Turnbull, Head of Technology and Innovation at LEGION TELECOM. “This investment provides our customers with long-term confidence in the additional capacity, diversity and resilience this new infrastructure delivers. We’ve constructed a Fibre-To-The-Premise network with customers already connected across the region.”

Construction of LEGION’s network is continuing across the region and now direct international connectivity is being added to this local network.

“Thanks to the foresight and initiative of Sunshine Coast Council and the Queensland State Government,” remarks Legion CEO, Adrian Madjeric, “this new infrastructure improves broadband options for everyone, especially professionals like software developers and FinTech providers who can now operate from the Sunshine Coast the same as if they were in any metro CBD in Australia.”

“SCIBN provides the Sunshine Coast with a compelling competitive advantage by offering direct international connectivity and the fastest data transmissions from the eastern seaboard of Australia to Asia,” Sunshine Coast Council Mayor Mark Jamieson said. “It’s great to see an innovative local telecommunications carrier like LEGION TELECOM accessing this new digital infrastructure to meet the rising demand for high-speed internet connectivity. “This project is undoubtedly a game changer for the Sunshine Coast and for Queensland and our Council is proud to have led the way.”

RTI CEO Russ Matulich said the Japan Guam Australia Cable (“JGA”) Cable Sunshine Coast Branch investment placed the Sunshine Coast on the business map of the world. “Businesses need the fastest communications path between two locations. The whole community wins because they are getting the residual benefit of big investment coming into the region.” RTI Vice President of Global Channels, David Trad further added by saying “The international submarine cable benefits small business because it provides better connectivity, speed and redundancy and encourages new companies to look at the Sunshine Coast to take advantage of the connectivity to international communications infrastructure, couple that with the current activities of new independent fibre networks, such as LEGION TELECOM on the Sunshine Coast, you have the perfect ingredients for a bubbling digital economical hub”

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About RTI
RTI Connectivity Pte. Ltd. is a leading independent undersea cable owner providing large-scale network solutions across a wide variety of industries including cloud companies, network operators, regional carriers, global enterprises, content providers and institutions for higher learning. RTI is headquartered in the city-state of Singapore. For more information, visit www.rticable.com.

LEGION is a Licenced Australian Telecommunications Carrier deploying end-to-end fibre-optic solutions across the Sunshine Coast and Queensland. LEGION delivers high-speed internet, voice, cloud and managed IT solutions to businesses, developers, hotels & apartments, high-density residential buildings and communities. More information about LEGION’s capability at: www.legiontelecom.com.au

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