SubSea Networks Supports NO-UK in New Subsea Cable Build Between Stavanger and Newcastle

SubSea Networks Limited announced the supply contract for the NO-UK Submarine Cable System linking Norway and England has come into force.SubSea Networks Press Release
February 24, 2020

Penzance, UK and Stavanger, Norway – SubSea Networks Limited, a leading provider of subsea consultancy services, and NO-UK announced today that, after a focused period of collective teamwork which addressed all aspects of technical and commercial adjudication and contract forming, the supply contract for the NO-UK Submarine Cable System linking Norway and England has come into force.

The NO-UK system is now under construction, with a ready for service date at the end of 2021. The cable will provide eight high capacity fibre pairs over the latest generation Xtera submerged equipment.

“SubSea Networks played a significant role in bringing the NO-UK project to reality and we are very grateful for their industry insight, expertise and support during the contract forming.” said Geir Ims, Chairman, NO-UK COM.

“It has been an intense period of activity and we are very pleased to have been able to contribute to a successful contract closing for NO-UK. It is a very exciting project, using innovative Xtera subsea technology and local content subsea cable from Nexans, that will significantly increase connectivity to Norway.” added Jol Paling, Managing Director, SubSea Networks Ltd.

About SubSea Networks

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