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August 14, 2019

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Welcome to this tutorial on how to use the SubTel Cable Map. My name is Kieran Clark, Lead Analyst at SubTel Forum, and by the end of this video, you will be able to find and highlight cable systems based on specific criteria using the Group Filter Widget.

Searching with the Group Filter

Click the Group Filter widget to display a selection of predefined filter sets.

Open the Group Filter widget in the SubTel Cable Map

Above the divider line are the list of groups available to filter.

Below the divider line are an operator drop-down list and a text input box where the parameters of the filter are defined.

For this example, we will be applying a filter to the Cable Systems by Year group. The “LESS THAN OR EQUAL” operator has been selected and a value of 2001 has been entered.

Using these parameters, the map will be filtered to show only currently in-service cable systems that were implemented in the year 2001 or earlier.

Click Apply to execute this setting and view the associated cable systems.

To clear your filter, click Reset to restore the map to its previous state.

The Group Filter Widget makes use of SQL-like operators, and several different ones can be utilized to find the specific information set you are looking for.

The list of operators that can be used in the Group Filter Widget

The “EQUALS” through “LESS THAN OR EQUAL” operators are best used to filter data sets with a numerical value while the “BEGINS WITH” through “DOES NOT CONTAIN” operators are best used for filtering by keywords in the Cable Systems by Owner, Supplier or Installer groups.

Some additional examples are as follows.

To view only systems with a Ready for Service date of 2001, use the “EQUALS” operator with the Cable Systems by Year group.

Parameters to view only cable systems implemented in 2001

To view systems with a design capacity of 60 terabits per second or higher, use the “GREATER THAN OR EQUAL” operator with the Cable Systems by Capacity group.

Parameters to view cable systems with a design capacity of 60 Tbps or higher.

To view systems associated with a specific owner, use the “CONTAINS” operator with the Cable Systems by Owner group. In this example, we will use the filter to show all cable systems where Telxius is listed as an owner.

Parameters to view cable systems by Owner

This example can be used in a similar fashion on the Cable Systems by Supplier or Cable Systems by Installer groups to find and highlight systems associated with specific companies.

Save Your Settings for Later

The widget has a save option which allows you to save your filters and quickly re-apply them at any time.

Click the settings button . The open widget will switch to the settings panel.

The Group Filter Widget settings panel

Click Save to save the current filter locally as a JSON text file.

Click Upload a Saved File to load a previously saved filter and restore all the parameters defined in the file.

Use with Other Widgets

If you need to use the filtered map in other widgets – such as the Print Widget – check Persist After Widget is Closed. By default, closing the widget will revert all filters and restore the map to its initial state.

Stuff is Missing?!

If at any time while using the map you notice certain features seem to be hidden or missing, check the Persist After Widget is Closed setting in the Group Filter setting panel.

If it is checked, unchecking the box should revert the map to its original state once the widget is closed and allow you to use the map as normal once again.

Check here if stuff on the SubTel Cable Map is missing.

See You Next Week!

This concludes the tutorial on how to use the Group Filter Widget to find and highlight cable systems based on a number of different criteria. I hope you found this useful and encourage you to make use of this tool to learn more about the submarine cable industry.

If you have any questions or comments, let me know at [email protected]. I’m always looking for feedback on how to improve this map.

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I’ll see you next week to talk about more exciting features!