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SubTel Forum Press Release
March 21, 2022

What's Inside:

Issue 123 of the SubTel Forum Magazine contains articles from 12 industry thought leaders and magnates discussing new system financing, sustainability goals, and the changing legal front for our industry.

SubTel Forum Exclusive:

7 Questions with Fernando Margarit, Partner at Hunton Andrews & Kurth

Feature Articles:

SubTel Forum Exclusive:

  • Introducing APT Procure Sean Bergin
  • Protecting Submarine Cable Data by Andrew Lipman, Ulises Pin, and Leetal Weiss
  • The Business and Finance Model for New Submarine CableNetworks by Sammy Thomas
  • Obtaining Purchaser Permits World-Wide by Maria Mato and Javier Izaguirre
  • ISO 27001:2022 is Coming by Jonathan Boes
  • Status Report on the Successes in Using Foreign Ships to Lay Submarine Cables in Canada by Jean-François Bilodeau
  • Identifying and Enabling Submarine Cables by Natalia López and Andrés Contreras
  • Are Laws Regulating Subsea Cables Outdated? by Nicholas Kazaz
  • Perspectives on the Financing of Submarine Cable Projects by Chris Van Zinnicq Bergmann
  • Regarding the Building Blocks of System Development by Kristian Nielsen
  • And more thought-provoking articles from SubTel Forum.

Special Thanks to our Sponsors

We would like to make a special Thank You to our sponsors this issue. Thank you for believing in this magazine and helping us to continue the work that we do!

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