SubTel Forum Magazine #125 – Regional Systems:

Featuring High Capacity Cable Manufacturers – OUT NOW!

SubTel Forum Press Release
July 18, 2022

What's Inside:

Issue 125 of the SubTel Forum Magazine contains articles discussing the needs of different regions for submarine cable infrastructure around the world and highlights high-capacity cable manufacturers.

SubTel Forum Exclusive:

7 Questions with Inger Gloersen Folkeson, Bulk Fiber Networks' Executive Vice President

Feature Articles:

  • Defining High Capacity by Stephen Nielsen

  • Connecting the Pacific Nations by John Hibbard & Paul McCann

  • How to Forge an African Partnership for African Success by Dixit Shah

  • Keeping Continents Connected by Ron Totton

  • The History of Cable & Wireless by Bill Burns & Stewart Ash

  • Maximizing Capacity and Data Rate Across All Types of Submarine Cables by Geoff Bennett

  • Client Representation by Hector Hernandez & Glenn Hovermale
  • Grooming Middle East Cablers to Meet Ultra High-Speed FO Challenges by Greg Varisco & Shaheen Qamar
  • Connecting Africa's Potential Metre by Metre, Country by Country by Glenn Maule
  • White Noise from the Sea Floor  By John Devos
  • And more thought-provoking articles from SubTel Forum.

Special Thanks to our Sponsors

We would like to make a special Thank You to our sponsors this issue. Thank you for believing in this magazine and helping us to continue the work that we do!