By Submarine Telecoms Forum Press Release

January 15, 2018

SubTel Forum is pleased to announce that Issue 98 of the SubTel Forum Magazine is now available!

In this issue authors discuss the health, status and future of the global market, as well as new systems and factors relevant to the industry.

Featured articles:

Exordium – By Wayne Nielsen

Return Of The Fiber – By Kieran Clark

The Carrier Guide To 2018 – Traffic, Technology And Unsung Heroes – By Mattias Fridström

Complex Challenges: Solutions Made Simple – By Chris Wood

The Transformative Power Of Globalization – By Paul Savill

African Submarine Network Operators Move Into The Terrestrial Market To Bolster Growth And Service Quality – By Byron Clatterbuck

Providing Direct Access To The Nordics With The Next Generation Network – By Dag Aanensen

Powering The Growth Of The Brazilian Digital Economy – By Genius Wong

The Iox Cable System – By Arunachalam Kandasamy

Landing And Local Loop Lessons – By Brian Crawford

Globally And Regionally, The Future Of The Cloud And Connected Things Is Beneath The Seas – By Stephen Scott

Quintillion’s Historic Subsea Cable System Lighting Up The North American Arctic – By George Tronsrue Iii

Are Otts From Mars, And Carriers From Venus? – By Larry Schwartz

Back Reflection: Forward Looking 30 Years Ago – By José Chesnoy

From The Programme Committee – By Marc-Richard Fortin And Steve Dawe

From the Conference Director – By Christopher Noyes

Advertiser’s Corner – By Kristian Nielsen

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