By Submarine Telecoms Forum Press Release

SubTel Forum is pleased to announce that Issue 97 of the SubTel Forum Magazine is now available!
In this issue authors discuss the health, status and future of the system upgrade market, as well as new technologies and techniques relevant to the industry.

Featured articles:

Wavelength Upgrades – An Uncertain Future
By Kieran Clark

PTC’18 Submarine Cable Events
By Paul Mccann

From Sea Floor to the Shore
By Alan Mccurdy And Robert Lingle, Jr.

Scaling Subsea Business with The Cloud
By Dan Parsons

High Performance Submarine Cable Products
By Daishi Masuda

Scientists Report First Data Transmission Through Terahertz Multiplexer
Evolution of Submarine Fiber to Ultra-Large Effective Area and Ultra-Low Loss
By Ian Davis

System Solutions to Establish a New Link for Expanding Existing Submarine Cable Networks
By Xiaoyan Fan, Jiping Wen, Ling Zhao, Jing Ning, Tong Liu, Ran Li

Options for Increasing Subsea Cable System Capacity
By Bertrand Clesca

Five Shades of Upgrades
By Tony Frisch

The Case for Space Fiber
By Andrew Rush

Ultimate Capacity Upgrade with Spectrum Engineering on New and Legacy Systems – Current and Future Generations of Site Technology
By Alice Shelton

Back Reflection: Retrospective of Wet Plant Supervision
By Michel Martin, And José Chesnoy

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