Globe Telecom Upgrades Network With Infinera Solution

Globe Telecom Upgrades Network for 5G with Infinera’s Auto-Lambda Solution Infinera Press Release September 21, 2021 San Jose, Calif. – Infinera (NASDAQ: INFN) announced today that Globe Telecom, Inc. (Globe), a major provider of telecom services in the Philippines, deployed Infinera’s Auto-Lambda solution, featuring autotuneable optics, to upgrade its existing 4G access and aggregation networks [...]

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The Missing Link

The Missing Link By Greg Varisco and Dave Crowley May 27, 2021 For a majority of the world, digitization plays a huge part in our daily lives by keeping people and devices seamlessly connected.  Surprisingly, digital engagement in certain regions of the world is slow in developing ‘use cases’ as many obstacles hinder the development [...]

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THE CARRIER GUIDE TO 2021 By Mattias Fridström

THE CARRIER GUIDE TO 2021: Traffic, Technology and Unsung Heroes By Mattias Fridström January 21, 20201 According to the Chinese Zodiac, 2021 is the Year of the Ox. In Chinese culture, oxen are considered to be honest and earnest. They are determined and stubborn, but also low-key and don’t seek praise. This often hides their [...]

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LATENCY IS THE NEW CURRENCY By Dag Aanensen January 19, 2021 When I started my career in Telecoms 25 years ago, data had to travel twice over the Atlantic to be processed, even if the local providers where only a few houses apart. Quality was poor due to packet loss and the cost per Mbit [...]

Why 5G Edge Computing Doesn’t Exist Without Network Infrastructure Aggregation

Why 5G Edge Computing Doesn't Exist Without Network Infrastructure Aggregation By Dennis Chan December 1, 2020 Have you ever given up loading a website or watching a movie because it just wouldn’t load? You’re not alone… Network performance, scalability at speed for IT environments and infrastructure, capability to reach out to users and offer faster, [...]

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EITC to Lay Submarine Cable Between UAE and Pakistan

Faster Internet as Du Confirms New Subsea Cables to Link Uae, Pakistan By Gulf News February 19, 2019 Dubai: EITC (Emirates Integrated Telecommunications Company), the parent company of du, is driving the progress of the nation by facilitating the launch of a new submarine cable between the UAE and Pakistan. The cables are expected to [...]

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