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Cook Islands Submarine Cable Comes Ashore

Submarine Cable Comes Ashore By Melina Etches, Cook Islands NEWS December 17, 2019 Aitutaki landing celebrates end of long and complex project. The first fibreoptic submarine cable connection for the Cook Islands has landed. Helped by local boats, skippers and crew, engineers brought the Manatua cable ashore on Aitutaki, cable ashore in a complex and [...]

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Cable Landing Station Underway for Cook Islands

Cooks Submarine Cable Landing Station Underway By Radio New Zealand November 6, 2019 There was a ground breaking ceremony on Wednesday in the Cook Islands for a landing station for the Manatua One Polynesian Submarine cable. The 3700 kilometre long cable will provide internet connectivity for both Rarotonga and Aitutaki. The landing station will house [...]