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Montserrat’s Subsea Cable Connectivity Completed

Montserrat's Subsea Fibre-Optic Cable Connectivity Completed By MENAFN July 6, 2020 BRADES, Montserrat – Installation of the new submarine fibre optic cable system from Montserrat, to the Branching Unit between Guadeloupe and Antigua, has been successfully completed. Marine installation operations commenced following the arrival of the cable-laying ship, 'IT Intrepid'. 'The CS IT Intrepid successfully [...]

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Deep Blue Cable To Extend Its Subsea Network To Colombia And Panama

By Narayan Ammachchi, Nearshore Americas October 25, 2017 Deep Blue Cable has announced that it would extend its planned Caribbean subsea network to Colombia and Panama, changing its original plan to only roll out a high-speed broadband service in underserved Caribbean countries. The move is an apparent bid to grab a slice of the region’s wholesale telecoms market dominated by [...]

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