STF Mag Feature: Keeping Continents Connected

Keeping Continents Connected Subsea Cable Management and Maintenance is Changing with the Times As published in the July Issue of SubTel Forum Magazine By Ron Totten July 22, 2022 Subsea cable management and maintenance is changing with the times to support internet companies that own all their own infrastructure. Subsea cable systems are recognized as a [...]

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PCCW Acquired by Vantage Data Centers

PCCW Acquired by Vantage Data Centers By Mitchell Hageman, Data Center News December 7, 2021 Vantage Data Centers and its leading investor DigitalBridge Group Inc. have announced a completed acquisition of PCCW Ltd.'s data center business (PCCW DC). The news signals a further growth expansion of Vantage's technology business across the Asia-Pacific region, including the [...]

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