Ireland: The Regional Communication Infrastructure Approach Needs to be an International One

Ireland: The Regional Communication Infrastructure Approach Needs to be an International One Derek Cassidy By Derek Cassidy July 22, 2019 There was a time when Ireland was at the centre or hub of international communications. Its international connectivity managed by international and state companies alike, the multiple submarine cable stations along its coast [...]

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Installation for Rockabill Subsea Cable Begins Weekend

Main Lay Installation Works for Rockabill Subsea Cable Set to Begin This Weekend By July 19, 2019 The main lay installation works for the Rockabill Subsea Cable will take place from tomorrow, Saturday 20 July, to Sunday 1 September. Using the vessel CS Teliri (callsign IBBT), the Rockabill cable system will be conducted from north [...]

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Irish Links

Irish Links By Derek Cassidy July 24, 2018 Becoming the Cog in the Wheel of International Connectivity When we talk about regional networks we usually think of small systems that loop around the coast or connect Islands to the mainland. However we can also look at them and understand that they can also be systems [...]

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Aqua Comms Continues Investment, Joins HAVFRUE

Aqua Comms Press Release January 15, 2018 DUBLIN, Ireland – Aqua Comms DAC (“Aqua Comms”), the operator of Ireland’s first dedicated subsea fibre-optic network interconnecting New York, Dublin and London, announces today its plans for continued investment in submarine cable infrastructure having joined the HAVFRUE consortium which will own and operate a new subsea cable [...]

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