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Vocus Adds Hawaiki Capacity, Upgrades Network

Vocus Rolls Out Network Upgrades, Adds Hawaiki Capacity By CIO New Zealand September 4, 2019 Vocus has added substantial volume of Hawaiki cable capacity to its network, and invested millions in network upgrades. Mark Callander, chief executive of Vocus NZ and Wholesale and International Australia, says the Hawaiki deal strengthens the company’s network and complements [...]

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ASC System Operating at 50% More Capacity, Says Vocus

ASC System Operating at 50% More Capacity, Says Vocus By Sam Varghese, ITWire July 12, 2019 The Vocus Group says its Australian Singapore Cable system is now operating with a total capacity of 60Tbps, 50% more capacity than when it launched. The ASC system was switched on in September 2018, nine days ahead of its [...]

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