Oman Australia Cable System Manufacturing Complete

Oman Australia Cable System Manufacturing Complete OMAN AUSTRALIA CABLE (OAC) 100% CABLE MANUFACTURED WITH MARINE INSTALLATION TO COMMENCE IN MARCH 2021 Press Release January 25, 2021 SUB.CO announced its 9,800km Oman Australia Cable (OAC) has now been fully manufactured with load #1 of 2 assembled, tested and now being loaded onto a freighter to [...]

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Oman Australia Cable from Australia to EMEA Announced

New Subsea Cable to Provide New Express Route Between Australia and EMEA and Complete New “Great Southern Route” SUB.CO Press Release October 24, 2019 Brisbane, Australia – SUB.CO today announced it has selected Subcom (formerly known at TE Subcom) to build a new international subsea cable system that will directly connect Muscat, Oman to Perth, [...]

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