Submarine Cables And The Importance Of Spain

Submarine Cables And The Importance Of Spain Submarine cables have positioned themselves as key elements of global interconnection and have Spain as one of the most privileged enclaves. By Izan González April 26, 2021 Spain, a traditional point of departure from Europe to South America for 5 centuries, has also found a privileged niche on the [...]

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ALVAL/ORVAL Cable System in Service

ALVAL/ORVAL Cable System in Service ALGIERS - The Alval / Orval fiber optic submarine cable system (connecting Algiers and Oran to Valencia in Spain) is finally operational and its effective commissioning will allow Algeria to have, in the long term, a capacity of up to up to 40 Terabits, nearly 20 times the current needs [...]

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Algeria Completes Mauritania, Spain Subsea Cable Link

Algeria Completes Mauritania and Spain Subsea Cable Link By Christian Fernsby, Post Online Media December 12, 2019 Algeria’s Minister of Post, Telecommunications, Technology and Digitalisation, Houda Imane Faraoun, has announced the completion of a cross-border fibre-optic network link with Mauritania, reports Agence Ecofin. The deployment of the 75km Algeria-Mauritania fibre section follows last month’s completion [...]

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Algeria Progresses On New Submarine Cable Project

Algeria Progresses On New Submarine Cable Connectivity Project By Paul Adepoju, IT Web Africa April 25, 2018 The government of Algeria has announced plans to connect the North African country to two new submarine fibre optic cables before the end of 2018. Houda Imane Feraoun, Algeria's Minister of Post and Information and Communication Technologies, made [...]

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