PTC 2021 and Beyond

PTC 2021 and Beyond SubTel Forum Feature January 19, 2021 What started in 1978 (incorporated in 1980) as a forum for the interchange of ideas regarding telecommunications by several University of Hawaii professors along with others in the US, Japan and Mexico in particular, has grown into a conference with over 8000 participants each year [...]

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Elaine Stafford of DRG Undersea Consulting breaks down the upcoming PTC’21 Virtual Conference

Can We Become Masters of Our Own Destiny Given Today’s Challenging Geopolitical Landscape? (Or at Least, First Mates?) By Elaine Stafford, DRG Undersea Consulting December 22, 2020 PTC’21 will be here soon: 17-20 January 2021. There’s little doubt that those of us who make it a point to attend the annual Subcable Workshop will miss [...]

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PTC’21: New Realities Is All Online

PTC’21: New Realities Is All Online By Pacific Telecommunications Council October 27, 2020 PTC’21: New Realities from 17 to 20 January 2021 will now be held only online. A first-of-its-kind experience, PTC’s Annual Conference will embrace the opportunity for attendees and participants to gather as a virtual community, network, learn, and have some fun. As the strategic [...]

A Message to the PTC Community

A Message to the PTC Community Pacific Telecommunications Council Announcement March 23, 2020 To our PTC Community, Connections. This word embodies who we are and what we do at Pacific Telecommunications Council (PTC). This time more than ever, the entire world is coming together and connecting in a way that we never imagined. The global [...]

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