Russia To Begin Laying Polar Express

Russia To Begin Laying Polar Express By Gleb Stolyarov August 10, 2021 MURMANSK, Russia - Russia on Friday begins laying its first undersea fibre optic communications cable through the Arctic as part of a state-run project to bring high-speed internet to its remote hydrocarbon-rich north after a private-led initiative stalled. Moscow is aiming to improve [...]

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China Enters the Arctic Digitization Race

China Enters the Arctic Digitization Race Moscow is not alone in eying the potential of the Arctic’s digital silk roads. In 2018, China flagged its global interest in the Arctic region as a key facet of its Belt and Road Initiative—with the High North featuring as the Polar Silk Road. By Dr. Maria Shagina & [...]

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Finland And Norway To Connect With China Through Trans-Arctic Data Cable

By Eva Eriksen, October 19, 2017 Finland and Russia are discussing the creation of a trans-Arctic fiber-optic data cable that would connect Finland, Norway and Russia with Japan and China, the Independent Barents Observer reported. Finland’s Minister of Transport and Communications, Anne Berner, reportedly brought up the possible Arctic data link in a Tuesday [...]

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