Seacom Acquires FibreCo for National Coverage

Seacom Acquires FibreCo for National Coverage By IT-Online March 4, 2019 Seacom today formally announced the completion of the 100% acquisition of FibreCo Telecommunications. FibreCo owns and operates a national fibre network providing infrastructure and connectivity services across South Africa. The acquisition was made through Seacom South Africa. FibreCo’s network runs along South Africa’s highest-traffic [...]

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Seacom Upgrades Africa Subsea Cable System

Seacom Upgrades Africa Subsea Cable System By African News Agency June 5, 2018 Pan African telecommunications company Seacom said on Tuesday it had upgraded its key submarine network system from its southern and eastern African coastline landings into Europe at a total capacity of 1.5 terabits per second, adding 500G of new capacity on the [...]

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Seacom Schedules Cable Maintenance For 19-23 January

By Telecompaper January 10, 2018 Seacom has scheduled routine cable maintenance on its subsea cable system in the Red Sea, reports MyBroadband. The company said all linear transmission traffic on the East Coast of Africa to and from Europe will be affected. The maintenance will begin at 03:00 hrs on 19 January and end at [...]

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Seacom Looks To Buy Last-Mile Fibre Assets

By Admire Moyo, ITWeb June 1, 2017 Pan-African telecom operator Seacom is looking to invest in last-mile fibre assets that access significant populations of end-users. So says Suveer Ramdhani, Seacom's chief development officer, in an interview with ITWeb. He believes the telecoms industry in South Africa and the rest of the continent is on the [...]

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SEACOM Expands Further Into Southern And East Africa

By Linda Carter, SEACOM May 17, 2017 SEACOM continues to extend the geographical reach of its network with the launch of new Points of Presence in Rwanda and Botswana through partnerships with strong local providers. As landlocked countries, Rwanda and Botswana have both historically relied on costly international connectivity via satellite or transit from their [...]

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