SEAX-1 Ready For Provisional Acceptance

SEAX-1 Submarine Cable System Ready For Provisional Acceptance Huawei Marine Networks Press Release June 5, 2018 Tianjin, China - Super SEA Cable Networks Pte Ltd (SEAX), together with the supplier Huawei International and Huawei Marine Networks, today announced that following successful completion of construction and end-to-end testing, the SEAX-1 Cable System has achieved RFPA (Ready [...]

Nexans To Supply Fiber For SEAX-1

By Lightwave Staff October 2, 2017 Nexans says it will supply 250 km of fiber cable to Huawei Marine Networks for construction of SEA Cable Exchange 1 (SEAX-1), a submarine network that will connect Malaysia and Indonesia. The company says it will supply 24-fiber pair unrepeated (URC-1) cable and a section of land cable for [...]

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Nexans’ Subsea Cable To Bring A Boost In Bandwidth To The Malaysian Peninsula

By Nexans Press Release September 26, 2017 Paris, France – In the always-on hyper-connected world it is easy to forget how heavily the world economy depends on submarine cables. Estimates show that 99 percent of all intercontinental trade and a major volume of international web traffic are carried via subsea connections. Yet the ever-growing demand for [...]

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SEAX-1 To link Malaysia To Indonesia In Q1 2018

By Paul Mah, DatacenterDynamics May 11, 2017 The offshore and inshore marine surveys for the full route of the SEAX-1 (SEA Cable Exchange-1) from the Eastern seaboard of Peninsular Malaysia, Singapore and Indonesia has been completed successfully. This was announced today by Huawei Marine Networks, the company selected to deploy the subsea cable system. Manufacturing [...]

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