THE CARRIER GUIDE TO 2021 By Mattias Fridström

THE CARRIER GUIDE TO 2021: Traffic, Technology and Unsung Heroes By Mattias Fridström January 21, 20201 According to the Chinese Zodiac, 2021 is the Year of the Ox. In Chinese culture, oxen are considered to be honest and earnest. They are determined and stubborn, but also low-key and don’t seek praise. This often hides their [...]

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FCC Calls for New Scrutiny of Submarine Cables

FCC Commissioner Calls for New Scrutiny of Undersea Data Cables By David Shepardson, Reuters September 30, 2020 WASHINGTON (Reuters) - A member of the U.S. Federal Communications Commission on Wednesday called for new scrutiny of undersea cables that transmit nearly all the world’s internet data traffic. “We must take a closer look at cables with [...]

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Huawei Turns to Africa to Offset US Blacklist

Huawei Turns to Africa to Offset US Blacklist By France 24 June 9, 2019 As the US leads a drive for the West to shun Huawei over security fears, the Chinese tech giant has sought to strengthen its position in Africa, where it is already well-established. Huawei has taken a leading role in developing next-generation [...]

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Submarine Fiber Risks From North Korea Nuclear Testing

Will North Korean Atmospheric Nuclear Testing Damage Submarine Fiber Optic Telecommunications? By Thomas Popik, George Baker, William Harris and Jordan Kearns March 19, 2018 If North Korea conducts atmospheric nuclear tests, could submarine telecommunication networks suffer permanent damage? Despite economic sanctions, the North Korean government proposes to test and stockpile nuclear weapons that cause an [...]