Tonga Has Cable Connection to Outside World Restored

Tonga Has Cable Connection to Outside World Restored By Chris Duckett, ZDNet February 3, 2019 Tonga's two-week period without a working subsea cable to Fiji has ended. The cable had originally fallen over on January 20, and a second fault was subsequently found; however, RadioNZ reported on Saturday that the connection to the main island [...]

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Spark Completes Cook Strait Inter-Island Cable Link

By Peter Dinham, IT Wire July 27, 2017 New Zealand’s largest telco Spark has completed an upgrade to the Nelson-Levin inter-island cable link across the Cook Strait which it says provides improved resiliency. The Nelson-to-Levin link is one of New Zealand’s three marine cables carrying data traffic between the North and South Islands; two of [...]

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