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The Politicization of Subsea Cables

The Politicization of Subsea Cables: How Our Once Discrete World Now Makes Headlines By John Tibbles January 19, 2020 Introduction For many years, probably since the early days of telegraphs submarine cables have rested quietly out of the view of the media and politicians if not the military minds but that now longer seems to [...]

ESCA Plenary #54 Call for Papers

ESCA Plenary #54 Call for Papers European Subsea Cables Association Press Release January 8, 2020 www.escaeu.org EUROPEAN SUBSEA CABLES ASSOCIATION PLENARY#54 18th/19th MARCH 2020, INTERCONTINENTAL MARSEILLE – HOTEL DIEU, MARSEILLE, FRANCE The European Subsea Cables Association (ESCA) is a forum of over 60 national and international companies which own, operate or service submarine cables in [...]

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The Changing World of Subsea Cables

The Changing World of Subsea Cables By António Nunes July 24, 2018 Facilitating the Creation of New Business and Economic Growth There are well recognised benefits to developing economies from investing in connectivity. However, the most pressing problems with facilitating the creation of new business and economic growth is a lack of the legacy infrastructure [...]

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