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Where in the World Are Those Pesky Cable Ships?

Where in the World Are Those Pesky Cable Ships? By Rebecca Spence March 16, 2020 Welcome to the first edition and triumphant return of Where in the World are Those Pesky Cable Ships! Once only a static table, the goal of this piece is to provide readers with a quick overview of the status of [...]

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Novel Coronavirus and Force Majeure

Novel Coronavirus and Force Majeure: How Are Your Contracts Being Affected? By Stephen Wright and Adam Kelly March 16, 2020 The outbreak of the Wuhan novel coronavirus COVID-19 has caused, and continues to cause, great uncertainty for organisations operating in the region as well as businesses around the world that rely on China for trade. [...]

SubTel Forum Magazine #111 – Finance & Legal OUT NOW!

SubTel Forum Magazine #111 - Finance & Legal OUT NOW! SubTel Forum Press Release March 16, 2020 The Finance & Legal edition of SubTel Forum Magazine is out now! READ NOW What's Inside: SPECIAL CORONAVIRUS ANALYSIS Novel Coronavirus and Force Majeure by Stephen Wright and Adam Kelly. Dig down on the impact of the [...]

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SubTel Forum Call for Articles – Finance & Legal Issue

SubTel Forum Call for Articles - Finance & Legal Issue By SubTel Forum February 5, 2020 SubTel Forum is looking for awesome articles for its March 2020 “Finance & Legal” issue of Submarine Telecoms Forum Magazine (subtelforum.com). The issue will delve into topics ranging from regulatory and legal concerns to financing of submarine cable systems [...]

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Fiber Technology for Submarine SDM

Fiber Technology for Submarine SDM By Sergei Makovejs January 19, 2020 Repeatered submarine optical fiber systems are unique in the sense that they have inherent limitations on how much electrical power can be remotely delivered from the shore to submarine cable repeaters. This is different to terrestrial fiber systems, in which there are no fundamental [...]

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The Carrier Guide to 2020

The Carrier Guide to 2020: Traffic, Technology and Unsung Heroes By Mattias Fridström January 19, 2020 According to the Chinese calendar, 2020 will be the Year of the Rat. And while this may seem as if this year is doomed to be full of dark, damp, rat-like times, the rat actually ranks first on the [...]

Re-Imagineering Telecom Subsea Systems

Re-Imagineering Telecom Subsea Systems By Clifford Holliday January 19, 2020 Subsea Cable technology has developed since its inception in the 1850s through several changes to its current form today. It first morphed from copper to coax and then to fiber, where it has been for several years. Now a new kind of the traditional fiber [...]

SubTel Cable Map Tutorial: Cable Ship Layer

SubTel Cable Map Tutorial: Cable Ship Layer SubTel Forum Blog January 19, 2020 View this SubTel Cable Map Tutorial in video form: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VxmLZIo0k7k Welcome to this tutorial on how to use the SubTel Cable Map. My name is Kieran Clark, Lead Analyst at SubTel Forum, and by the end of this tutorial, you will have [...]

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SubTel Forum PTC ’20 Live Stream – Tune in Now!

Submarine Cable Sunday Live Streaming @ PTC '20 By SubTel Forum January 19, 2020 SubTel Forum will be live streaming the Submarine Cable Sunday sessions at PTC '20 on both YouTube and Facebook at 8:30 HST/18:30 GMT. Submarine Cable Sunday Schedule: 8:30 HST/18:30 GMT - Submarine Cable Workshop 1: New Cables, Drivers & Trends 10:45 [...]

SubTel Forum Magazine Issue 110 Now Available

Submarine Telecoms Forum Magazine Issue 110 - Global Outlook Is Now Live! SubTel Forum Press Release January 19, 2020 SubTel Forum is pleased to announce that Issue 110 of the Magazine is now available! In this issue we discuss the current state of the submarine fiber market, what’s on the horizon, an interview with the [...]