Vocus Group Proposes Timor-Leste Link to NWCS Cable

Vocus is interested in an eventual connection of Timor-Leste to the NWCS (North Western Cable System) that passes by the border with AustraliaBy Telecompaper
March 6, 2019

The quality and price of internet access in Timor-Leste will only improve if the country reduces supply costs by building a submarine fibre optic cable. So said Michael Auckland, the national director of Australia's fourth largest telecom company Vocus Group. Speaking to Lusa, he said that there might be national competition in Timor-Leste but without the cable, prices will remain “astronomically high”.

According to him, operators in Timor-Leste spend USD 12 million a year on buying access to the international network via satellite and that amount is multiplied later in costs for customers, who have slow and unstable service. Vocus Group is interested in partnering with Timor-Leste for an eventual connection of the south of the country to the North Western Cable System (NWCS) that passes by the maritime border with Australia, in the Timor Sea.

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