Xtera Selected As Supplier For ARBR

Xtera Press Release

January 23, 2018

HONOLULU, Hawaii and ALLEN, Texas – ­­ Xtera, a provider of innovative subsea fibre optic solutions, today announces it has been selected as the supplier of the ARBR submarine fibre optic cable system developed jointly by Seaborn Networks and the Werthein Group. The 2,700 km open system, 4­fibre pair,  48Tbps, direct PoP­to­PoP subsea  cable will connect Argentina and Brazil.

The ARBR subsea cable system will allow for direct onward connectivity to New York, via the Seabras­1 system, thereby providing a lower latency route between the commercial and financial centers of Buenos Aires, São Paulo, Rio de Janeiro and New York. The ARBR cable is fully  funded and on an accelerated implementation schedule to bring valuable new capacity on an underserved route, providing important new connectivity to this region.

“This award further consolidates Xtera’s position as a strong player in the regional submarine market segment and is a significant endorsement of Xtera’s differentiated product offering,” says Stuart Barnes, Chairman and Chief Strategy Officer, Xtera. “Our four pillars of product and service offerings encompass subsea systems technologies, wet and dry upgrades, IP licensing, and OEM / specialist units to selected markets. Xtera is further defined by its flexible approach to system­ partnering and contracting structures that ensure the best value for investment and a solution aligned to each customer’s need.”

The ARBR subsea cable system will utilize Xtera’s field­proven submarine repeaters with hybrid EDFA­Raman design, enabling a robust optimized transmission system. When combined with Xtera’s innovative Open Systems Gateway, this transmission system will provide Seaborn Networks and its customers true freedom of choice for the selection of its preferred terminal supplier. All these elements, including the Power Feed Equipment, are tightly monitored and managed by Xtera’s best­in­class Network Management Systems.

“We are thrilled by the opportunity to work with Seaborn Networks on this exciting project,” comments Robert Richardson, Chief Sales Officer, Xtera. “We pride ourselves on being market disruptors and innovators, and we see these same characteristics in Seaborn. It is especially rewarding to work with a kindred spirit company, and very satisfying to see a company such as Seaborn making use of our available technology to provide the market with a truly compelling offer.”

Xtera offers un­repeatered and repeatered subsea connectivity, using the highest bandwidth undersea amplifiers for up to 40 Terabits on a single fibre pair. The company offers a full range of subsea systems services and solutions, including system design, on­shore and off­shore security, landing route and station development, and operational support.

For more information, please request a meeting with the Xtera team during PTC’18, taking place January 21­24, 2018, in Honolulu, HI, by emailing [email protected].

To learn more about Xtera, visit www.xtera.com.

About Xtera

Xtera is an innovative provider of sub­sea telecoms solutions. The company supplies both un­ repeatered and repeatered systems, using its high performance optical amplifiers to deliver traffic directly inland to cities. Xtera creates novel solutions that are suited for each individual customer whether that be provision of a subsea systems technologies, an open architecture design or supply of a particular product or service. We aim to challenge the norm and to provide more reliable and higher quality products over new and existing routes. Xtera is a flexible supplier who works with a variety of partners to create the best solution for each project and every customer. For more information please visit www.xtera.com or contact [email protected].

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