In response to our Call for Papers for SubOptic 2016, you can now submit your abstract by going to our website at click on “Submit your Abstract Now” and follow the instructions. The Abstract Submission date has now been extended to Sept 30th, 2015!

Celebrating its 30th Anniversary in 2016, this will be the ninth conference in the series that started in Versailles in 1986. The SubOptic conference is the premier conference for the industry and now is your opportunity to contribute and be part of it.

The Papers Committee, responsible for reviewing and deciding which papers will be presented at the event, is chaired by Mark Andre from Orange. He will be assisted by the following Vice-Chairs, each one responsible for one of the six topic areas chosen to be presented at the event:

-Market & Projects – Trends & Challenges – Mohamed Nasr, Telecom Egypt

-Marine Services and Operations – Graham Evans, EGS

-Network Architecture and System Design – Peter Booi, Verizon

-Equipment and Component Technologies – Edwin Muth, TE Subcom

-Network Operations and Carrier Services – Stephen Dawe, Vodafone

-Oil & Gas and Special Markets – Guillaume Huchet, Alcatel-Lucent Submarine Networks

The Papers Committee wants to see both creative authors and curious visitors interacting. Authors, don’t miss this chance to voice your opinion to the big audience, to relay your observations and share your work with your own style and background. Be provocative, think out of the box, the Papers Committee look forward to seeing you in Dubai.

The Call for Papers provides information on the process for submitting an abstract of an oral or poster paper that authors wish to present and also gives details of the review process and the timescales for paper selection. The Abstract Submission date has now been extended to Sept 30th, 2015!

Alice Shelton from Alcatel-Lucent Submarine Networks, acts as the overall Programme Chair for the event and in addition to the paper presentations there will be a range of Keynote Speakers, Roundtable and Special Sessions together with a set of masterclass-tutorial sessions held on the first day of the conference.

During the conference we also hope to celebrate 30 years of SubOptic, so as well as a Call for Papers, this is also a Call for Memorabilia! Do you have any photos from the early SubOptic conferences? A story to relate? Which are the most memorable events or sessions from the last 30 years? The most interesting and/or innovative papers? We would love to hear from anybody with a story to tell or memories to share.

If you have anything to contribute to our 30 year review, or have an idea that you think could form the basis of a tutorial/masterclass or any other presentation, round table or workshop, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with Alice Shelton.

The latest information about our event can be obtained from our website: