By Terrapinn Press Release

An independent observer will note that the submarine cable industry is a unique industry; it has a ‘life' of its own, oblivious to the happenings of the economic activity around it, ‘supported' and ‘protected' by a group of loyal men and women who has seen it through its ‘infancy', its ‘teething period' to where it is today – a remarkable 159 years!

And because of this uniqueness and independence, it is no wonder that while the other industries have taken a severe beating in this current economic downturn, the submarine cable industry is ‘alive' and ‘growing well' with new cable projects commissioned, bandwidth demand at its peak and new routes sourced and planned.

With this strong confidence in the industry, Terrapinn's 12th Annual Submarine Networks World 2009 conference, 1-3 September, Grand Hyatt Singapore is ready to demonstrate our leadership in providing a well attended conference that will give you the ROI on your time and investment. Drawing on our long term good relations with the industry, we have invited and consulted key personnel from consulting, cable owners and technology providers to critique and suggest improvements in the conference agenda as well as speaker ideas – resulting in many thumbs up in our agenda this year!

We are really excited to present to you a dynamic, informative and quality program that is full of ideas, stories and lively debates by the most senior and experienced professionals from the industry.

Key focus areas this year are evaluating the global financial downturn and its impact on the submarine cable industry, recent capacity uptake across the world, network traffic, outage and rerouting issues in the Mediterranean, new business models that enhances profitability, regulatory framework and its impact on cost effective bandwidth for consumers, cable projects in the Middle East, Africa and Caribbean and cable installation and maintenance issues.

If you are thinking of launching a submarine cable and want more information, our specially designed masterclass on the ‘Life cycle of a submarine cable system' will give you the insights. Conducted by 3 veterans in the submarine cable industry, each drawing from his extensive knowledge and background from the operator, supplier and cable installer segments of the industry, this masterclass is a ‘must-attend'.

We are also honored to have with us this year, the founder of Sub-Optic and one of the early pioneers of the submarine cable industry, Mr. Jean Devos as our opening keynote speaker. Besides Jean, our other distinguished speakers on a keynote panel include the head-honchos of Australia Japan Cable, Pacnet, Southern Cross Cables and Pacific Crossing amongst others.

In today's economic climate and fast-paced environment, you need to be ahead of the game. Be prepared and gear towards the challenges ahead by joining in this annual gathering of industry partners and peers. Network, learn and share ideas and discover new opportunities today!

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