Future Systems

April 28, 2015

Alcatel Lucent And Algerian Ministry Of Post, Information Technology And Communications To build Orval Undersea Cable System

Alcatel-Lucent and the Algerian Government have signed a turnkey agreement to build a new cable system.  The system is named Orval and will connect Oran in Algeria to Valencia, Spain.  It will be 560km long, and have an ultimate design capacity of 20 Tbps.  Read Story…

Vietnam Plans New Internet Cable To China As Problems Recur On Undersea Connection 

As a result of seven ruptures to AAG since 2011, and a general need for increased bandwidth, Vietnam is planning a new cable that would connect to China.  Read Story…

Regional Outlook

April 28, 2015

Infracos: MainOne, IHS Set To Connect 60 Cities To Broadband

MainOne, InfraCos, and IHS are working to bring improved broadband services to Lagos and about 60 other cities in the North Central zone of Nigeria.  Read Story…

State of the Industry

April 28, 2015

Huawei Marine Presents At The 2015 ICPC Plenary

Huawei Marine is presenting at the 2015 ICPC Plenary in Hong Kong from April 28th through April 30th. As a co-host, they will give a keynote presentation on “How Submarine Cable Protection Guards Economic Prosperity, Growth and Critical Infrastructure” as well as showcase their latest technology for long-haul systems. Read Story…

Cable Owners

May 1, 2015

Nigeria: Again, Glo Tops Winners’ Chart At Telcos Awards 

Glo has won three awards for Best Telecoms Company of the Year, Most Innovative Mobile Player of the Year andUndersea Cable Company of the Year (Glo-1) at Nigeria's annual Beacon of ICT awards held in Lagos.  Read Story…


April 29, 2015

NEWS Xtera Launches Flex-Rate Channel Card For Flexible, High-Performance 100G/100G+ Optical Networking 

Xtera has launched a new flex-rate channel card.  It is capable of 100G, 200G, 300G or 400G channels, and has improved transmission performance.  The new product is backwards compatible with existing Xtera deployments.  Read Story…

May 1, 2015

Sea-floor Sensors Detect Possible Volcanic Eruption 

A series of sea-floor sensors monitored by the University of Washington detected an underwater volcanic eruption 300 miles off shore and 1 mile deep.  The data was transmitted and viewable in real time, thanks to submarine fiber-optic cables.  Read Story…