Future Systems

May 11th

Hibernia Express Begins Cable Deployment

Installation of the Hibernia Express system has begun. TE SubCom is handling the deployment, and the system is expected to be ready for service in September of 2015.  Read story…

Alcatel-Lucent and GoTo Networks to build Australia West Express 

Alcatel-Lucent Submarine Networks and GoTo Networks have signed a turnkey contract to build Australia West Express. This will be the first submarine fiber cable to directly connect Australia with the Middle East and Africa. The system is expected to be ready for service by the end 2016 and will have 20 Tbps design capacity.  Read story…

New Cross Pacific Has Begun Construction

New Cross Pacific has started construction. The new system is 13,000km long and will connect Chongming, Nanhui, in China; Busan in South Korea; Toucheng in Taiwan; Maruyama in Japan; and Hillsboro, Oregon in the United States. It will make use of 100G wavelength technology, and have a design capacity of 80 Tbps.  Read story…

May 15th

Zayo Group Selects Hibernia Express To Expand Transatlantic Network

Zayo Group has inked a deal with Hibernia Networks to expand its transatlantic capabilities. This deal will provide Zayo with the lowest latency route across the Atlantic ocean.  Read Story…


May 11th

Alcatel-Lucent Unveils Major Transformation For Undersea Cable Systems

Alcatel-Lucent has unveiled new technology that will allow transmission of 240 Tbps over multiple fiber pairs. The SOFTNODE system also allows for fine tuning of bitrates, specific to the usage required.  Read story…

May 12th

Alcatel-Lucent Achieves Submarine Cable Breakthrough

Alcatel-Lucent has achieved a new record for unrepeatered systems. The record was achieved with 100G wavelengths using the same fiber for both signal and amplifier transmission over 610km.  Read story…

Cable Owners

May 11th

Microsoft Invests In Several Submarine Cables In Support Of Cloud Services

Microsoft has been investing in several submarine cable systems in order to better support its cloud computing needs. They are currently invested in Hibernia Express, America Europe Connect, New Cross Pacific, and Seabras-1.  Read story…

Cable Faults

May 13th

Damaged AAG Undersea Cable Repaired

The damage to AAG has been fully repaired, restoring services to Vietnam.  Read story…


May 14th

University Of Hawaii Undersea Cable Upgrade Planned

The University of Hawaii will be upgrading it's private research network on the Southern Cross Cable system. The upgrade is made possible by a $4.6 million USD grant from the National Science foundation, and will allow the network to increase its wavelength capacity from 40 Gbps to 100 Gbps.  Read story…