By SubOptic

SubOptic are pleased to announce that the presentations which are the first fruits of the initiative launched by Elaine Stafford from DRG are now available. They can be found on our website at under the “Information Resources” tab.

The GUIDE presentations cover the following topic areas:

  1. Planning, Owning, Contracting and Constructing a Network – presented by Elaine Stafford (David Ross Group)
  2. Network Design – presented by Seymour Shapiro (TE SubCom)
  3. Network Upgrades – presented by Colin Wallace (Ciena)
  4. Marine Engineering – presented by Stuart Wilson (GMSL)
  5. Operations and Maintenance – presented by Pete Barletto (University of Washington)

The goal of the GUIDE is to give newcomers to the industry an understanding of industry basics, and potentially also give industry niche specialists a better understanding of sectors of the industry, which they do not deal with on a daily basis. If you wish to help build upon this initiative please contact either Elaine Stafford at[email protected] or John Horne at [email protected] .

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