By Tuoi Tre New

The welding of a cut found in the submarine AAG (Asia Gateway Pacific) cable system, which provides Vietnam with Internet connectivity, was completely finished around mid-day Thursday, according to tech news website ICTnews.

Internet speeds in Vietnam have thus returned to 100 percent normal since Friday, one day earlier than expected, the newswire said, citing local Internet service providers.

The cut was identified at around 8:04 am on January 5 on section S1H, which connects the Vietnamese coastal city of Vung Tau and Hong Kong.

The cable operator then said the break would be fixed on January 23 and later revised it to January 24.

Even when repairs were done, the AAG operator did not say why the cable snapped, as in previous cases. A cut may be caused by sharks or vessels passing through the area where the cable is laid, according to insiders.

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