By Richard Chirgwin, The Register

Another of the submarine cables connecting Australia to the world, for data, has broken.

PPC-1, which stretches from Sydney to Guam and has 1.92 terabits per second capacity, is out of service until at least March 7.

TPG's announcement says the fault is around 4,590 km from the cable's Guam landing, which means it's around 3,000 metres below the surface.

The fault notice says engineers first logged a report that “alarms indicated that a submarine line card had lost its payload”, and the company is trying to establish when a repair ship can be dispatched to the location.

In the meantime, traffic is using alternate routes including the Australia-Japan Cable and Southern Cross.

Last year, the SeaMeWe-3 cable which runs from Perth to Asia via Indonesia suffered multiple outages.

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