5 Questions with Alex Vaxmonsky: Talking Industry Trends with Equinix’s Director of Ecosystem Development

SubTel Forum interviews Alex Vaxmonsky to talk trends in both the submarine cable and data centers markets and how Equinix fits in to both.Alex Vaxmonsky
November 16, 2020

1. What is Equinix’s mission?

We’ve shared an incredible digital journey with our customers over the last 20 years.

From helping the public internet scale in our early days to enabling leading businesses around the globe to interconnect, interact and grow on our global platform, it has been an honor to help enterprises and service providers alike succeed in an increasingly digital world. As the world’s digital infrastructure company, our mission is to power digital leaders by enabling them to harness our trusted platform to bring together and interconnect the foundational infrastructure they need to succeed.

The reality is that today business leaders must be digital leaders. And as submarine cable systems connect the world’s continents and carry approximately 99% of all international communications traffic, providing interconnection to those vital systems on our global platform is a critical component of our customers’ digital growth.

2. How does Equinix participate in the submarine cable market?

It has always been in our DNA to be an ecosystem aggregator. We have a long history of bringing system providers together to peer with each other, innovate and capture new enterprise opportunities. Today, nearly 40 Equinix International Business Exchange™ (IBX®) data centers are subsea enabled in 55+ metros around the world and those numbers are growing. We provide the infrastructure and cable systems expertise to help offload CLS overhead costs and the management of cable system landing points across Platform Equinix.

On our global platform, more than 30+ subsea providers, including hyperscalers, deliver high-speed, low-latency bandwidth capacity to our 9,500+ customers, which includes dense enterprise, content and media, financial services, network and cloud ecosystems. This allows our customers to collaborate with their employees, partners and customers instantly, across oceans and between continents, meeting their expectations for high-performance connectivity anytime, anywhere. Subsea cables bring companies to the digital edge, and the ability to land the cables directly inside our global data centers enables these systems to deliver the close, direct, many-to-many global connectivity that drives digital business around the world.

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