SubTel Forum will be live streaming the SubOptic Submarine Cable Workshop – “For Real? Buying and Building New Undersea Systems Naked!” in Honolulu on Sunday, 19 January at 11:00 AM HAST / 21:00 GMT.

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Over the last few years, a number of undersea system planners and developers have debated the possibility of building their next new system naked (or dark) – that is, without SLTE provided by the prospective wet-system supplier. Such a model envisions wet-plant and dry-plant suppliers working to complete the traditional turnkey system independently (or perhaps cooperatively). To date, dark undersea construction has remained within the realm of repeaterless networks. New repeatered undersea networks are typically lit on at least one fiber pair, perhaps with other fiber pairs dark. More recently, confidence is growing that, in some circumstances, naked networks might be practical.