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This is the third in a series of eShots that will provide further detail as the programme is confirmed. This covers a major workshop that will be held during the event.

The move from regenerated submarine cable systems to optically amplified systems initiated a dramatic technological paradigm shift as the dream to upgrade capacity from the landing stations (without touching the submerged cable and repeaters) became a reality. With it came the tantalising prospect not only of upgrading but also extending the economic, technical and operational life of systems.

Today, as the early optically amplified systems continue to be upgraded and progress towards their design life, owners, suppliers and customers are developing ways confidently to assess the risks, extend the economic life of systems already in the water, and even to recover, redeploy and re-use systems. In the last two years, a cross-sectoral SubOptic Working Group of industry insiders has been grappling with the issues that anyone thinking of upgrading, owning or taking capacity on an extended-life system needs to consider.

The ouptput of this activity will form the basis of a workshop that will be chaired by Keith Schofield from Pioneer Consulting, who has led the working group during the past two years, with the following panel members:

Maja Summers (Apollo), Francis Charpentier (Orange), Carl Osborne (TATA), Toy Frisch (XTERA) and Steve Dawe (Vodafone)

There will be ample chance to quiz the panel to see if they can address what’s on your mind. In this vibrant workshop the experts are gathered to review the technical and commercial issues, answer your questions, and at the very minimum, their aim is that those who join will emerge with greater clarity on the issues to be addressed, the challenges to be overcome, and maybe even a few answers!

….See you there!

The backbone of the conference, the oral and poster presentations of papers written and presented by the industry, was launched with the Call for Papers in May. By the closing date for Abstract submission, we received more than 120 Abstracts across 6 topic areas.

The Abstract review process is nearly completed and shortly authors will be advised of the results. The Preliminary Programme to be published in January 2016 will detail the Papers to be presented as Oral and Poster presentations.

Early Bird registration for the event is now available and you can register online at

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