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APTelecom, a facilities-based telecom consulting and service company specializing in emerging markets, today announced that it will produce a data gathering meeting (DGM) event on October 2, 2013, in New York City. The event will be the first in a series of ‘State of Subsea' DGMs that APTelecom will host throughout 2013 and 2014 globally in the USA, Asia, and Europe.

The ‘State of Subsea' events will bring together an eclectic mix of executives, influencers, and leaders from all walks of the submarine cable and telecom industry to address the latest trends, and share expert insights and knowledge on the future of the subsea industry. The events will include special breakout panels with industry experts, moderated Q&A sessions with attendees, informational exchanges on recently built and anticipated submarine cable routes, roundtable discussions on emerging global economic market trends, and more. Complimentary breakfast will be provided to everyone in attendance, courtesy of APTelecom.

“We are very happy to announce our plans to produce the ‘State of Subsea' DGM event series,” said Eric Handa, Co-Founder and CEO of APTelecom. “The industry is at a transformational time in the submarine cable space, and there is a need to come together and exchange ideas and insights and work together toward cultivating a culture of innovation and collaboration across the entire sector. The goal of APTelecom's ‘State of Subsea' DGM event series is to establish a forum for all industry players, and to improve the communication within the submarine cable industry for new models and ideas as a younger generation moves into the space.”

While the October 2nd event in New York City will kick-off the ‘State of Subsea' DGM event series, additional events are expected to take place in Honolulu, HI, San Francisco Bay Area, CA, London, and Hong Kong.

APTelecom will be announcing more details on subsequent events, as well as the time and venue of the New York City kick-off event in the coming weeks and months. All events are invite-only. To request an invite for the New York City kick-off event on October 2nd, please email aptelecom(at)n6a(dot)com.

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