Press Release


This is the first in a series of eShots that will provide further detail as the programme is confirmed.

As in previous years, the programme is scheduled over three and a half days. The event commences on Monday 18th April with a series of masterclass/tutorial sessions. During these sessions SubOptic aims to provide an overview of new technical and commercial facets of the industry, update on key technologies and provide a longer speaking opportunity to some cross company initiatives that have running over the interim period between conferences.

Topics that will be covered include:

  • Myth Busters 2: Revenge of the Cable Myths • Optical communications research – extending Capacity and Reach • Software Defined Networks and Network Function Virtualisation • Power Budgets – become an expert! • Oil and Gas Projects & Technologies

The first full day will open with a keynote speaker, Gerd Leonard, Futurist and CEO of The Futures Agency. Gerd is a well-known keynote speaker who speaks on a wide range of topics encompassing the future of humanity, business, media and technology. At SubOptic 2016 we will invite him to predict the next 5 years in technology and innovation, explain his expectations for the future of the internet and discuss how the disruptive technological changes we are already witnessing will impact the world of work.

A second keynote speaker from within the region will open the second full day, and details of this speaker and their theme will be provided later.

Round Table debates are planned for Wednesday and Thursday mornings.

ICPC will drive the debate on: The Case for Cables – protecting and enhancing the global telecoms environment. A panel of experts in the field will initially debate the topic and we hope for much lively discussion from the floor.

The second Round Table will be a Regional Leader Forum – what are the concerns and future plans of Middle East CEOs?  A panel of Middle East industry leaders moderated by Ed McCormack will debate the regional topics of the day.

Following the success of The GUIDE, the interim activity promoted by the SubOptic 2013 cycle, the interim activity launched for SubOptic 2016 is on Extending the Life of Undersea Systems. The working group will have a workshop session during the conference to present their findings.

In the final plenary session we plan to celebrate 30 years of SubOptic and would like to ask for SubOptic memorabilia to display during SubOptic 2016. Do you have any photos from the early SubOptic conferences? A story to relate? Which are the most memorable events or sessions from the last 30 years? The most interesting and/or innovative papers? Which are the papers that have signaled a change in the course of the industry, technically or otherwise? What were the defining moments of the last eight conferences for you? Please get in touch with Alice Shelton, Programme Chair.

The backbone of the conference, the oral and poster presentations of papers written and presented by the industry, was launched with the Call for Papers in May. By the closing date for Abstract submission, we received more than 120 Abstracts across 6 topic areas.

The Abstract review process is ongoing and authors will be notified by early December. The Preliminary Programme will detail the Papers to be presented as Oral and Poster presentations.

Early Bird registration will open in early December 2015 and full details of the programme will be contained in the Preliminary Programme to be published in January 2016, available from our website at