By Cherrie Anne E. Villahermosa

ACTING Gov. Ralph Torres says the island’s public internet access should be restored on Monday or Tuesday.

In an interview on Sunday, he said his office is working closely with IT&E and he gets daily updates from the CNMI Homeland Security and Emergency Management Office regarding the situation.

“I think our life is back by tomorrow morning so to speak,” he said. “We did work with the Army Corps of Engineers so we can expedite the permitting needed for repair. Emails and the Facebook are back though not as fast as before.”

He said the will not lift the “significant emergency” declaration until full restoration of the internet on Saipan is completed.

“We are giving the community a timetable of Monday or Tuesday. We expect that we will see faster data by Tuesday,” Torres added.

The governor’s office assisted IT&E in securing a permit from the Army Corps of Engineers to proceed with the fiber-optic repair at the western edge of Coral Ocean Point beach on Saipan.

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