It is, officially, the end of the 2013 SubOptic Conference.  The closing ceremony is opened with thought with Richard Elliot.

“The cloud has lifted,” says Elliot.  He commented that it's the most positive it's been in ten years.  He adds that this conference shows there's still a strong role for SubOptic.  He hands the mic over to Alice Shelton for the handing out of prizes.

Before the prizes are handed out, Wayne Nielsen, owner of Subtel Forum who was a patron on the awards ceremony, said a quick word on his appreciation to SubOptic.

There were three areas for the prizes.  The winners were:

The Best Paper From a Newcomer: Nicole Starosielski

Best Poster:Andy Palmer-Felgate

Best Paper Presented: Elisabeth Rivera Hartling

An Award for Outstanding Contribution was given to Elaine Stafford and Fiona Beck.

Beck stayed on the stage to give special thanks to various members who contributed to the conference.

Then followed up big news:

“I'm please to announce your new president is Yves Ruggeri” announced Beck.  She has completed her two year term as president of the executive committee of SubOptic and has passed the baton.

Ruggeri said a simple thank you to Beck for her hard work.

Dumont then took the stage to say his closing remarks.

“I think it's been a fantastic SubOptic, and I wish the best for the new entity that will organize SubOptic in three years.”

He then invited the general manager of E-Marine to the stage and announced that the next SubOptic would be held in Dubai.

Final remarks were made by Thierry Bonhomme, Senior Executive Vice-President of Group CTO France Telecom Orange.