Damaged AAG Submarine Cable Cable To Result To Slower Internet Speeds

The AAG submarine cable system has been damaged, resulting in reduced capacity between Hong Kong and the Philippines.By Patrick Cañete, NoypiGeeks
May 2, 2018

Back in September of last year, undersea internet cables were damaged due to numerous typhoons. And this time, it happened again.

For those who are unfamiliar, undersea cables are what connects different countries via the internet. A lot of big websites, like Facebook and Google, have different data centers around the world. And these submarine cables act as a boat for these data to reach other countries.

With that said, the damaged cable in subject is the one linking the Philippines from Hong Kong. There are actually different cables that link the Philippines from Hong Kong, but as what Converge ICT points out in their advisory, the cable was from Asia-America Gateway (AAG).

But, Converge ICT added that their users will not experience degradation in speed as their “capacity is more than enough to provide a fast and reliable internet connection”.

Both PLDT and Smart also posted an advisory regarding the situation. The note said that subscribers can experience “a slow down from time to time” when accessing websites like Facebook, Netflix, and Google.

The PLDT companies also said that they are taking remedial measures as they prepare to conduct the repair work.

For the meantime, we’ll just have to wait for an update on when will the undersea cables be fixed.

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