Alcatel Submarine Networks Signs Contract With Equinor To Build A DC/FOTM Subsea Control Infrastructure For Northern Lights CO2 Transport And Storage Project

ASN DC/FOTM will provide independent high electrical power and fiber connectivity to the subsea CO2 injection wells.

ASN Press Release
Paris, France, 

hands signing paperEquinor and Alcatel Submarine Networks (ASN) have signed a new contract for the roll out of the submarine cable for subsea control infrastructure for the Northern Lights project.

DC/FOTM solution to be deployed on Northern Lights, is based on standardized products, whatever the project configuration, saving risks, costs and lead time. DC/FOTM, qualified and co-developed with Equinor, is contracted on several Equinor projects.

The Northern Lights project is part of the Norwegian full-scale carbon capture and storage (CCS) project “Langskip (Longship),” supported by the Norwegian government. The project will initially include capture of CO2 from Norwegian industrial capture sources. The Northern Lights project comprises transportation, receipt and permanent storage of CO2 in a reservoir in the northern North Sea.

Alain Biston, President of Alcatel Submarine Networks said: “We are pleased to work in close cooperation with Equinor on DC/FOTM projects, and especially for green applications participating to control climate change. Our innovation capabilities will help Equinor to be a pioneer for the capture of CO2 in offshore reservoirs. This project gives us the opportunity to leverage submarine network technologies to develop new green subsea applications.”

The standalone DC/FOTM, lean cable infrastructure, highly reliable and delivering high-power over long distances, will connect the Oseberg A platform, to the Aurora injection well, first of a series. The system is ready to be further extended, from the same cable, whatever the distance, to connect additional templates as the volume of captured CO2 will be increased.


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