Musings On Issue 100 Of SubTel Forum

Musings On Issue 100 By Stephen Nielsen May 21, 2018 It’s Been One Heck of a Ride So Far In April 2001, Wayne Nielsen pulled together some of the little capital from the recently established WFN Strategies and bought a ticket to attend SubOptic 2001 in Kyoto.  His goal? To use the conference to drum [...]

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Marketing Metrics – From The Conference Director

From The Conference Director - Marketing Metrics By Christopher Noyes March 19, 2018 It was great to attend PTC’18 and see members of SubOptic and others in the industry back in January. People were telling how excited they are about attending SubOptic 2019 in New Orleans. Registration opened on March 1st and we saw large [...]

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SubOptic 2019 – Papers Committee Update

SubOptic 2019 - Papers Committee Update By Marc-Richard Fortin, Steve Dawe March 19, 2018 Following the announcement and introduction of the SubOptic2019 Papers Committee Co-Chairmen, we are pleased to follow up in this update with the introduction of the industry professionals who have volunteered their expertise to serve as the Papers Committee Vice-Chairs: Topic Area [...]

The “Light Years” Of The Bubble 1998-2005

Back reflection: The “Light Years” of the bubble 1998-2005 By José Chesnoy March 19, 2018 Foreword One can find interesting nuggets in a book published in French in 2005: “Du Morse à l’Internet” (Reference 1), written by Gérard Fouchard, René Salvador, Yves Rolland, and Alain Leclerc. In this “back reflection” issue of the SubTel Forum [...]

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Interview with the SubOptic 2019 Program Chair

Interview with the SubOptic 2019 Program Chair – Dr. Stuart Barnes By SubTel Forum, Stuart Barnes March 19, 2018 Stuart Barnes began his career at the Research Subsidiary of STC (Standard Telecommunications Ltd) after graduating from Queen Mary College, London University with BSc (Hons) and PhD in Engineering. After 7 years in Research, including 3 [...]

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Collaborating To Support Marine Licence Applications

Collaborating to Support Marine Licence Applications from the Subsea Cable Sector By The UK Management Organisation's Marine Licensing Team, European Subsea Cables Association March 19, 2018 The UK Marine Management Organisation’s (MMO) Marine Licensing Team worked with the European Subsea Cables Association (ESCA) to develop a desk note to assist with marine licence applications, which [...]

Evaluating Submarine Cable Supply Contracts

Evaluating Submarine Cable Supply Contracts By Jennifer Gibbons and Mike Conradi March 19, 2018 Given the unique considerations that come into play when building a submarine cable system, it can be difficult to evaluate the turnkey supply contract documentation and understand whether certain contract positions are 'good' from the perspective of a customer or investor. [...]

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Submarine Fiber Risks From North Korea Nuclear Testing

Will North Korean Atmospheric Nuclear Testing Damage Submarine Fiber Optic Telecommunications? By Thomas Popik, George Baker, William Harris and Jordan Kearns March 19, 2018 If North Korea conducts atmospheric nuclear tests, could submarine telecommunication networks suffer permanent damage? Despite economic sanctions, the North Korean government proposes to test and stockpile nuclear weapons that cause an [...]

Canadian Maritime Law – Underwater Cable Damage

Liability For Damage To Underwater Cable Under Canadian Maritime Law By Jean-Marie Fontaine March 19, 2018 Canada has a coastline that encompasses three oceans as well one of the longest and busiest lake and river system in the Great Lakes and Saint-Lawrence seaway.  This coastline and internal waterways are crisscrossed by underwater telecommunication cables crucial [...]

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Dancing with Financiers: When the Submarine Industry Goes into Flirting Mode

Dancing with Financiers:  When the Submarine Industry Goes into Flirting Mode By Laure Duvernay March 19, 2018 The submarine telecommunications industry comes with an intrinsic and interesting paradox: undersea systems currently carry a vast majority of the worldwide telecommunication traffic and they are one of the largest infrastructures on earth. At the same time, however, [...]

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