German Environment Ministers Visit Nkt Cables’ Submarine Cable Production In Cologne

By Your Industry News nkt cables’ f2c (flow to customer) factory in Cologne received an official visit from Environmental Ministers from two regional German government bodies on September 13th. The visit was part of a joint initiative of a group of companies and organizations within the German offshore wind industry. With the group’s focus on [...]

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Global Marine Systems, Triasmitra Agree to Form Joint Venture

Subsea cable installation companies Global Marine Systems, Ltd. and PT Ketrosden Triasmitra have announced their agreement to form a joint venture to provide subsea cable engineering and installation services to the telecommunications and oil & gas industries within the Indonesian market. The partnership between the two companies will see the installation of more than 600km [...]

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Ocean Specialists Inc. Achieves Major Milestone in Gulf of Thailand Offshore Fiber Network

By OSI Ocean Specialists Inc. (OSI) reports that 11 major oil and gas company offshore platforms located in the Gulf of Thailand are now connected to shore via a submarine fiber optic network. This caps a six-year, groundbreaking involvement by OSI in developing the initial technical feasibility and then the detailed commercial business model development [...]

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ECFS Consortium Selected Xtera for Upgrading its Caribbean Festoon Subsea Cable System

By Xtera Communications Eastern Caribbean Fiber System (ECFS) Consortium has selected Xtera Communications Inc. (Xtera), a leading global provider of optical networking solutions, for the upgrade of its festoon subsea cable system. ECFS subsea cable system is made of 10 segments, connecting Tortola in the British Virgin Islands to Trinidad at the south of the [...]

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Submarine Fibre Collaboration Sees Local Expertise For Australian Oil And Gas

By Titan ICT Consultants/WFN Strategies Titan ICT Consultants of Australia has signed an Agreement with US-based, WFN Strategies that would see both companies increase their service offering to the Oil and Gas sector in the Australasian region. The collaboration would see unrivalled expertise in the area of Submarine Fibre communications consulting, available locally in Perth, [...]

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TE Subcom Commences Production Of Chevron Big Foot Undersea Network

TE SubCom, a TE Connectivity Ltd. company and an industry pioneer in undersea communications technology, today announced that work is underway for Chevron U.S.A. Inc.’s Big Foot offshore facility undersea fiber optic communications system in the deepwater U.S. Gulf of Mexico. Under terms of a contract awarded to TE SubCom in April 2012, the cable [...]

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Oil falls towards $112 as Isaac misses oil platforms

By Reuters U.S. energy companies have shut most facilities in the Gulf of Mexico, as a precautionary measure, cutting the region's oil output by more than 90 percent. But Isaac, which hit Louisiana, driving water over the top of a levee on the outskirts of New Orleans, skirted major energy installations in the Gulf of [...]

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SMD and Blade Offshore Services Announce Joint Venture

SMD and Blade Offshore Services (BOS) are pleased to announce the signature of Heads of Terms for a joint venture. Under the joint venture, expected to be called SMD-BORD, SMD will design and manufacture subsea remote drilling solutions for the marine renewable industry, offering a cost effective alternative to monopile and gravity foundations for wave, [...]

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By WFN Strategies WFN Strategies (WFNS) is pleased to announce that they have entered into a partnership with MTN Ghana to provide System Technical Requirements for the Offshore Broadband Project.    These requirements will ensure that the system meets users’ needs and expectations, and that the system can be successfully implemented, operated and maintained over a [...]

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The Jones Act – one more variable in the offshore wind equation

By SubTel Forum Lexology has published an article (excerpted below) about the Jones Act, that will effect submarine cables for the Offshore Wind industry. Of the many pieces to the offshore wind puzzle for the United States, the Jones Act and other statutory requirements concerning installation and maintenance vessels for an offshore wind farm create [...]

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